Agnieszka Marucha

How is it possible to write a fugue for solo violin and how is it possible to play such a work? Well it needs someone like Bach to write it and someone like Agnieszka Marucha to play it; the result – a triumph on both counts.

Alan Cooper, Aberdeen Event Reviews , 28.05.2010

Agnieszka Marucha, a young polish player clearly destined for an important career. Stojowski´s Sonata may sound more French than polish, but when played as sensitively and persuasively as this it makes you wonder why it hes been gathering dust these many years.

Jeremy Nicholas, The Gramophone, 01.2010


Naji Hakim – Koncert skrzypcowy, cz. II
Agnieszka Marucha – skrzypce
Warszawska Orkiestra Kameralna im. Zenona Brzewskiego, dyr. Andrzej Gębski



Zygmunt Stojowski – Romans na skrzypce  i orkiestrę op. 20
Agnieszka Marucha – skrzypce
Orkiestra PSM II st. im. J. Elsnera, dyr. Piotr Wajrak